disabled job seekers make big steps at rumba resort

STEPS, a local disability employment services group, has praised Rumba Resort in Caloundra for giving job seekers hands-on training and confidence with paid work.

“Sometimes our STEPS job seekers have few transferable skills to help them gain meaningful employment,” a STEPS spokesman said.

“However, a great working partnership between Rumba Resort and STEPS Group Australia is changing all that.

“The resort has made a wonderful contribution to the local community by giving STEPS job seekers the opportunity to learn new and valuable housekeeping skills.”

Resort director Mark Hall has supported STEPS job seekers to train on site, learning first-hand the skills required by the housekeeping team to maintain a five-star property.

“This training has proved invaluable for building our job seekers’ confidence and workplace skills,” the spokesman said.

Since Rumba training began in late March, three STEPS job seekers have won jobs, while another is now ready to start her new career in housekeeping.

“It’s such a pleasure to offer training in such a friendly supportive environment,” STEPS employment consultant Kellie Carpenter said.

“I often see some of the ladies I’ve trained and when I think back to their first training day, it’s amazing to see what a difference it’s made.

“We all know the importance of confidence and sense of belonging when they feel that they are contributing in the community, and the team at Rumba is making that happen.”